Bathroom Etiquette

What do you do? I’ve got a 2 hour bladder. When on the job, do you ask the Owner to use the bathroom? Run down to McDonalds? Pee in a bottle?
What do you do?

Use the bathroom gezz . isn’t that what is there for? I have not met anyone that doesnt use a bathroom at one point .

That is part of the inspection !

I always ask which bathroom would you prefer that I use, and I always keep a roll in the truck for vacant houses…

Just ask and use. No one cares

Just inspect the toilet before you use it. I had a client make that mistake once and after he flushed we realized that everything ended up on the basement floor. He was very embarrassed

Make sure the toilet works first :smiley: I also ask most of the time unless I just want to get out of there then I go somewhere else. Truck doors that open up and gives you a little open stall are good for the side of the highway.

I don’t even ask. I just go. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t everyone flush the toilets a couple of times anyway?

I test/inspect the toilet…:slight_smile:

Same here. When you got to go, you got to go.

Although I always use the powder room or hall bath.

Luckily I can control myself for more than a few hours.

In the interest of doing a complete and thorough home inspection, it is incumbent upon you to do a function test.

I inspect and then test and never asked. I have had clients follow me in and I tell them I’m going to inspect and then test the toilet and shoo them out and sometimes I get well I’m next :smiley:

You must be young. Just wait.

Sometimes when i feel grumpy i even do the load test lool

When I had a new bathroom addition several years back, the city inspector came to give his final approval. He looked at the bathroom and said “I need to give it a private inspection”. lol.

48, I can generally make it most of the day without going. I think I sweat it out.

Nothings worse than a client blowingup the bathroom right before you have to inspect it. Nasty

We heard that about you. :wink: