Bathroom Etiquette

LOL I think I am the least likely person to use those. I’m only 26

At 67 its about 1 hour between tests. Fortunately a lot of my inspections have 4-6 baths, so I always some for last. Never ask UNLESS there is a seller dogging me thru the house.

I just go. I also bring my own paper for the vacant houses. Sometimes, when you gotta go, YOU GOTTA GO!!!

Hey… still on my first coffee here.
Will you guys please flush this topic .

For #1, I stop at McDonalds or Starbucks before I get to the inspection.
For #2, Don’t drink cheap wine the night before.

This is one of the most ridiculous ? posts of all time.

I cannot really believe it.:shock:

Why are you so pissed off about the topic :wink:

Do I get a prize? I thought it was a good question.

I’m getting older, sure glad most houses have a bathroom to test on each level.

Be sure the door lock works before you test.

I think this is an important thread and I use this

Poopourri.............for the refreshing scent of a floral bouquet.

Too funny… :smiley:

That’s great Paul.
Have you tried it?

Of course I have, I live with my finger on the PayPal button.
I live with 3 woman, Poopouri is not a joke in this home :wink:

Today I took a stinky crap and called a few clients. :cool:

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