Bathroom floor

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What is acceptable moisture reading in a bathroom floor

(Joshua L. Frederick) #2

Before or after a shower?

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What is acceptable moisture reading in a bathroom floor

What are you measuring…type, material, location, etc.?…and, how?


(James F. McKee) #4

in front of the urinal or by the door?

(James P. Mathes) #5

Many different parameters, eh? Why check?

(Jim Waddell, HI-0632) #6

We need more information. Depending on the size of the bathroom/ventilation etc.
Im assuming we are talking about a commercial property? you mentioned, “…near the urinal…”


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What do I need to know before building a new home in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Couple years late to the party.

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And that is his 10th post in 15 years.

(William B. Ogletree, TREC License #22530) #9

Two many variables - type and brand of meter, type of flooring, etc. etc.

I use a Wagner meter and take a reading as far from the toilet and tub and possible, comparing that to the reading near the toilet or tub.

(Dan Bowers, CMI, ACI) #10

Only time I temp check a floor is if it has radiant heat, etc OR if they pay for IR