Bathroom Sink Cut Off Valves

OK my question is this: In a residential bathroom are cut off valves required right under the sink insight?
I think yes but want to be sure. The reason I ask is I do believe I missed this in a powder room pedistal sink about 2 months ago. The client bought the home and was having some other work done and a plumber told them that this sink has no cut off valves. They want me to pay? If I was wrong I’ll pay, if not…well…


I see lots of fixtures Here without individual shut offs Jim…depends on how tight the plumbing contractor bid the job I guess…they sure are convenient, but i doubt a requirement at every supply line …at least not that I know of on the north coast…

Actually this was a 1977 home, and the cut off to the sink is in the crawlspace, so they are there just not visible while at the sink.


And they should consider themselves lucky they had valves at all for that age of the house. :wink:

The 2009 code P2903.9.3 states that n individual shutoff vlve shall be required on the fixture supply pipe to each plumbing fixture other thn bathtubs and showers.

But we do not do code and as Jim posted above, one is lucky to find them at all fixtures to begin with.

I would tell them to go pound sand for expecting to see valves on a 1977 build. :slight_smile:

I have already told prior clients the same thing Marcel suggested.