Bathrooms for Peepers

I just encountered a house with back-to-back bathrooms which had a sliding window installed (right on the dividing wall) so that the opposing entire bathroom is viewable from each side.

I can’t think of a legitimate reason why this type of window would be installed in this particular location. That would be one strange family living there.

IMG_3928.JPG IMG_3930.JPG

they’re reporters, getting the scoop on the latest poop

Could it be that glass that frosts when an electrical current is applied?

The family that _______ together ________ together.
Fill in the blanks…I couldn’t within the realm of propriety.

:lol: … I was thinking the same, you posted it in a more tactful manner than I would have. :wink:

Remodel, DIYers.

Probably heard they needed a window in the bathroom and killed two birds with one stone. :mrgreen:


That window probably was an outside wall at one point and not removed. If not, and it was designed that way, I’d be worried. :shock:

Reminds me of this view from the pool deck to a bathroom on a $2M house I inspected a couple weeks ago: Toilet

This was always an inside wall due to it being in the center of the home.

I seriously think this (Selling) family had major issues, that I’d rather not get into.

Some say…Incest is best, and this family definitely takes the cake.

I’m trying to imagine the individual looking into this window now, and for what reason?

The designer of this window installation definitely needs help.

rotfl :slight_smile: