Are the lithium AA batteries worth the extra cost? in items such as maglite led flashlights and what not?

Sarasota Home Inspector

I tried them and found more value buying regular alkaline by the box (like at Home Depot)

Just get them and judge yourself cheapo…lol

Yes, IMHO. Lithium is a miracle rare element.

The world was running out of Lithium until the Soviet Union found enormous amounts in Afghanistan, which is why they invaded and which is why we funded and supported the Taliban to drive them out. That’s why it is so expensive.

We’d all be in trouble if we ran out of lithium.

There are other type batteries being developed Nick.
They have new capacitors (as batteries) that charge instantly which you can already buy but not too many have heard of.
They will gain popularity in cars soon.

Don’t write off electric cars just yet.

Yeah, I have a flashlight from Inspector Outlet that charges instantly. It’s powered by capacitor.

Here is an article on the "ultra capacitors as they are calling them right now…

The guy in charge of Tesla says they are the future.

On a very sad side note: One of the P.O.W.s we’ve kept in the Guantanamo concentration camp for 10 years for training under the Taliban, trained back when the Taliban was a U.S. ally fighting to expel the Soviet Army out of lithium-rich Afghanistan. That’s his crime! The Guantanamo concentration camp is full of war criminals who will one day enjoy our tax-payer funded VA benefits.

Google “Sanyo Eneloops”. They are low discharge rechargeables (so they don’t go dead while sitting in your tool bag. I have had great luck with them and I think they are 100% worth the investment.

I have to agree with Eugene. Eneloops are the way to go. Costco had them last time I bought.

Nick we have more in prison here than any other country so I guess American citizens are just evil eh ?
Sure can’t have anything to do with our government as we are such a free people and our legal system is fair to all.Hmmm.

You are right Bob. The U.S. is the world’s leading jailer… so let’s stop with all this “They hate our freedom” crap.

Now, back to flashlights.

The world’s largest deposits of lithium - the Bolivian salt flats

Don’t confuse Nick with facts.

He’s on a mission to release those nice fellas t GITMO. :roll:

I think Bolivia has the largest deposits of Lithium. Luckily the Red Army isn’t sitting on it this time.

One by one. Most have been released. Most of the remaining have been cleared for release.

And nobody wants them or their safety cannot be assured.

Solve that problem and they would be gone.