Battery backup for Sun nuclear 1027

I had a radon test to set up this afternoon. The power was out at the house and the sun nuclear only has a 20 hour battery life on the model 1027.

I want to buy a 1028 but the monitor is still awaiting approval from the EPA.

I just love to drive 50+ miles & spend almost 2 hours for nothing. I called the agent & client and told them they need to have the power restored for the inspection on Monday.

Anyone have any expierences with the sun monitors or own a 1028 or 1029.

The radalink had a better battery backup then the sun 1027 but I still prefer the Sun over radalink.


Are the lithium batteries an option?

I think they have a 10+ times life expectancy verses regular batteries.

BTW, I tell people who use the CR’s to pick up a free set of AC from AirChek, Just in case. :wink:


No good for PA. You can only use the methods for which you hold a License.

For those using CRM’s it is best to have an additional method on your License. For myself, it is Sun Nuclear and E-Perm.

Good point Joe!

Getting cert for AC’s should be easier than CR’s, and still good for the backup.



We are glad to assist inspectors add our AC devices to their current certifications by providing QA Plan assistance, test reports, etc., plus more than 20 years of radon experience. We can also guide y’all on what obstacles you’ll face to become (and maintain) your certifications and/or licenses. We have a National presence and are experienced with ALL state programs. Visit to see some of the services that we offer.

Shawn Price