bay windows safety rated?

My question is this: If a bay window (or any window with a seat) has a large enough area, does it need to be safety glazed. My window in question was a bay window (double paned) with an area of 25sf. Any takers?

Yes, if it meets the following definition. Note: the sq. footage criteria is for an individual pane. Thus, if a one pane sash is < 9 sq. ft., then it would not be required to be safety glazed.

IRC R308.4
"Glazing in an individual fixed or operable panel, other
than those locations described in Items 5 and 6 above,
that meets all of the following conditions:

7.1. Exposed area of an individual pane larger than
9 square feet (0.836 m2).

7.2. Bottom edge less than 18 inches (457 mm)
above the floor.

7.3. Top edge more than 36 inches (914 mm)
above the floor.

7.4. One or more walking surfaces within 36
inches (914 mm) horizontally of the glazing."

They can add a protective bar at least 1/1/2 " that with stands 50 pounds of pressure with out touching the glass.

Seems cheaper than replacement.