BBB Auto Repair Records 2010

BBB Auto Repair Records
Strange how CTV news seem to come up with how bad the Auto Industry is Very similar to the BBB.

When I posted The BBB records for home Inspectors some seem to think BBB does not do things correctly,

, But not one had any ideas on where any better information can be gotten.
Of course the obsolete information some seem to rely on regarding the home inspection industry is

[FONT=Arial][size=2]BBB Reports for 2010…For Canada
Total complaints …28,670
Auto Repair service complaints…301
Rank of Complaint …17
Complaints settled …213…70.6.%
Not settled …84…27%…


Comparing apples and giraffes again, Roy!!

Not too many people bought cars that needed $200,000, $40,000, $30,000, $17,000 in repairs…did they? Those are just a few that I know of…

Anyone care to chime in with their knowledge of others…don’t be afraid to speak the truth. I don’t think I’m the only one in the industry that has these stories!!!

Roy can’t bite you over the internet!!


Did you hear about this diddy?

I see Brian is still on the Attack .

At least I’m not making comments about your family and posting about you in threads that you’re not even participating in…that’s obsessive and your compulsive about it!!

Truly sad when you can’t control yourself!!

Yes I see he was fired they closed down the Dealership and the lady got her money back. Thanks for the reminder .
Strange how so many on this forum try to give help and information to improve our industry and then along comes a person who is trys to destroy this association.

wow. kinda huge number of complaints. but the settled complaints is bigger that the unsttled. well think this is a nice job even hough there still a huge of unsettled complaints. do you have some information about the technical service bulletins? thanks.