BBB Reports for 2010..................

BBB Reports for 2010…For Canada
Total complaints …28,670
Home Inspector Complaints …33
Rank of Complaint …151…Home Inspectors are way down on the Complaint list…
Complaints settled …29…87.8.%
Not settled …04…12.4%… Not settled is much better then many others
Inquires H.I…13,359
Inquires Roofers …116,244
Complaints Roofers…436
Rank of complaint …01
Complaints settled …238…54.6.%
Not Settled …181…41.5%

Complaint free:

This data that you and Roy provide calls into question the data used to support the need for Nat. Cert.

Further my research also indicates that the number of inspections conducted per year versus number homes inspected versus complaints is actually very low.

Simply put, BBB is not a true consumer survey of satisfaction about HI’s nor of lawsuits, litigation, insurance payouts, and other hidden settlements!!

A good example of what doesn’t end up at the BBB is the inspector in the big BC lawsuit that still has an A+ rating!!!

So checking BBB doesn’t get the consumer the true scoop!!!


The BBB stats are consistent north of the border as evidenced by the info Roy supplied and your info. Its a great source to substantiate the claims being made that there is a huge problem which has simply been over blown.

BBB stats coincide with the number of court cases directly related to home inspectors, court cases indicate as I have repeatedly parlayed do not indicate a increasing trend of suits due to poor inspections. Factor in insurance data which also indicates lowering claim rates as evidenced by lower E&O rates.

I know that the number of complaints OAHI rec’d during my tenure were low comparative to the number of inspections completed, and some complaints dealt with ethics, rather than SOP violations, while other complaints had no merit.

Nick if you want some historical claims data compiled by CAHPI, I would be happy to send it to you.


My impression of the BBB grading system is that it is not so much a number of complaints rating as it is a complaint handling rating.

But here is another issue. It will state that I have 3 issues and Nick has only one…(these are examples). I do 30 home inspections a week and Nick does 2…not really fair…

I have more respect for Organized crime Russell, at least they are up front about their extortion racket. :smiley:

The BBB is a Scam IMO.

I see and agree with Roy’s point.

We are talking about 33 complaints…total…for an entire nation. How many inspections were conducted during that same period throughout all of Canada? Even if all of the complaints were valid (which they are not even claimed to be)…the overall percentage of inspections resulting in complaints is very, very small.

Is the BBB a major source for complaint data? Maybe not…but guess what!! Those who are working hard to convince the media and government in Canada that there is a widespread problem have nothing more than a couple of episodes of Mike Holmes’ comedy show to present as proof for their claim.

Discount the BBB stats all you want…but where are the other sources that licensing proponents are using to support their fabrications?

They have been consistently asked to provide them and just as consistently are unable to produce them. Why? Because they simply don’t exist outside of the minds and imaginations of those who intend to financially benefit from government mandated education (to fill their class rooms), government mandated mentoring (that they plan to charge people in order to provide) and government mandated tests (that they intend to sell).

Judging by the Mike Holmes forum, it is very rare to find posts complaining about poor inspections. If there were as many complaints as we have been led to believe there would be more people sounding off on his forum.

"So checking BBB doesn’t get the consumer the true scoop!!!"

That may or may not be true but it is infinitely better than the complete lack of facts upon which the entire national programme is based.


Then Russell you should give some inspections to Nick , if you want to be fare ! :D:D:D


No board comments as to why the biggest award in Canada against a home inspector has not any affect on his BBB rating-----A+


Most people obviously are taken in by them and cannot see through the ruse.

*I had a complaint lodged at BBB against my company for guess what- my accurate report broke the house deal. After receiving a letter from them, I called the BBB to enquire about the complaint- they would not attempt to resolve it unless I PAID AND JOINED THE BBB. I said they could hire another HI to confirm my findings, I would pre-pay for it!! No, you must join our organization…NO way!! Presently, I have no rating with the BBB as I am not a member; the complaint is over 3 years old and has disappeared from their records. The complaint doesn’t seem to have hurt my sales- they have been quite steady and regular until this month…up a fair amount so far!