BBD-100 Bed Bug Detector

I want to present to you a new product that I came across. I am now offering Bed Bug Inspections as one of the add on’s to my commercial and home inspections. Bed Bugs are really starting to become a big problem all across the USA and Europe. I have found a patented electronic bed bug detector called the bbd-100. I have made arrangements with the gentlemen who invented it to sell these units. You can go to my website and read more about it. You will find that I have it listed at $299.99 plus $10.00 shipping and handling. But I have made arrangements with Nick to offer the BBD-100 Bed Bug Detector for $249.99 plus shipping and handling for INACHI members only. You have a very wide range of places to inspect using the BBD-100. I am marketing to the hospitality industry, health care, you think of any place that there could be bed bugs, you can inspect for them. If you have any questions, please contact me through the more information tab on the website.

Be-careful Mark Another HI had the same info and got a Reported Post by another
Interesting stuff i thought big problem in TN

Wayne, thxs for the heads up. That is why I asked Nick first before I posted. It is a great unit and a great way to add money to this lack luster on and off market. I was shocked how this took off once people found out I had it. Thxs again for the heads up.

How much do you charge for a bed bug inspection? Do you have some verbiage in your contract or a separate contract for this and do you need an pest inspectors license to perform these inspections?

I charge $65.00 per inspection

I have a separate contract for the Bed Bug Inspection. It is pretty much the same for a general pest inspection

Check with your state Health Department to find out if you would need a license to just inspect for Bed Bugs.

Go to for more information on the bbd-100

Thanks for the questions Linas…

I want to thank everyone who has visited this page and our website www, . This has helped. I also wanted to let you know that the State of Ohio and Franklin County Health Department has taken interest in our BBD-100 bed bug detector. I have a meeting with The head entomologist of Ohio State University to demonstrate the unit for her and other key directors from the state and Franklin county. States are take a very proactive stance when it comes to bed bugs. Do a google search on “bed bug laws” to see where your state or local government is standing. I think you will be very surprised as to what they are doing or in the process of doing. So don’t be left behind when it comes to inspecting for bed bugs. Thanks again for taking the time to reading this. My you have a great day with many happy inspections.