Be a Guinea Pig for this new inspection Smartphone app.

Do you know who’s behind it? Mobi-Mov doesn’t say much on their site.

I will - just went to the site and signed up.

Thinking about it. I like to get in on the ground floor.

I signed up. Can’t hurt to check it out.

Signed up also, be interesting to see what it is.

Any update on this? I signed up and apparently will then receive an email? Have not heard anything - at least I don’t think so… With all the junk mail lately I may have deleted it…??? Anyone else that has signed up received an email yet?

I couldn’t find any information. I signed up and will see when and what they get back to me with.

That may be what you signed up for.:eek:

Surely not… Guess will wait and see what Nick’s comments are on it…

Who the heck still uses paper?? (wait, don’t answer that…).

Overall, this app seems to aimed toward solving a problem that isn’t there.

There are dozens of software/app programs out there. Don’t tell me why your app is better than a piece of paper, tell me why your app is better than existing programs.

Yes. I’m already committed.

Frank, you don’t need to go around telling people that… :slight_smile: So is you room padded with no windows ??? :):):):):):slight_smile:

Seriously, what were you implying? Already committed to what? Another app?

I’m fully committed to HG, and suggest that one should pick a platform and go with it. It’s very time consuming to personalize even the best software. There are already many fine options for software. Unless these guys are reinventing the wheel, I think it would be a better use of one’s time to test drive a proven platform. Whatever it might be.
This new software will not be without it’s bugs. Do you really want to invest the time in working them out? That’s all I meant. :slight_smile:

Thanks Frank !!! now I understand what you meant.

And my little room without windows is not that bad. It helps me focus. :shock:

how funny !!!