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So, now there is a charge for being affiliated with IAC2? This message provides no details or other information.

I went ahead and got IAC2 certified last year. However, since then I have done nothing with mold confirming. I know it can be an add on, but also on the legal side, my advisor thought it would not be worth going down that road…(Long story!). Either way, if someone wants an un used Testing Kit and samples from ProLab that has never been used, reach out and I am sure I will save you $300 or so. It is just taking space up in my van for now.

Yes, InterNACHI members can join IAC2 for only $1/year. You just need to enter the coupon code and your InterNACHI member ID on the application. Your InterNACHI member ID is used to verify your eligibility. The IAC2 discount is revoked if your InterNACHI membership lapses. IAC2 membership is $100/year for non-InterNACHI members.

If you were already IAC2 Certified, you received a free one-year membership in IAC2 in December 2020. More information is in this forum post: And for the FINAL prize of the 2020 Christmas Party. Every member wins!

Daniel, yes, the charge is $1. We have to charge the $1 as part of our verification process.

But if you email me at I’ll have our CFO cut you a check for $1 to reimburse you for the $1.

Maggie also offers 0 down, 0% financing: 25 cents every 3 months. :wink:


I’m interested in the testing kit, if you want to send me some details.


Nick Gromicko

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@kpickel Kraig,When I get home this eve, I will take some pictures and send you all of what I have. It is basically new, unpacked, and has sat in my van in the case!