Be aware os these scam artists

I start getting phone calls from 416-398-8332 from someone by name Mark Anthony from Synergy Marketing, trying to sell me some ****ty items. When he calls he pretends to be a personal friend like if we know each other very well. Please read comments about this scam
and be aware.:twisted:

I have bought marketing stuff from them like banner pens. They are a legitimate company from my dealings with them.


Synergy will show up on my phone and I do not answer it. If I want something from them,I will order it online.

LOL I got a call yesterday 10 for Knives with name on them he said they sell for 30 in the store.

I get calls every single day from advertising agencies.

I always ask them; “If you’re so good at advertising, why haven’t I ever heard of you?”

File a BBB complaint (even though BBB is a sham) if they won’t stop calling you. I finally did that with Mainstreet Hosting to get them to stop hounding me. Seems to have worked so far.

Wow!! Maybe BBB has a use.

I guess that is one of the good points about living out in rural Ontario. The only calls I ever get are from some guy looking for Yuri’s home phone number . . . . .:smiley:

Yes they are scammers. I was marketed and purchased flashlights. They promised a 7" flash light with my information engraved. I got 3" flashlights… pastic POS and foiled information. I promptly stopped payment on the cheque. Anyone want a free flashlight?

This is a part of a letter I received this morning … Roy

(" Secret society maybe??? Fear of being sued personally. Um…who elected them or the NHICC to represent the NCH’s?

Our Primary Mission is the National Certification of Home Inspectors
The National Home Inspector Certification Council(NHICC) is a non-profit corporation controlled by a Board of Directors.

**[size=5]Q: Is the NHICC connected in any way to a home inspection company, franchise, or association?
A: **[FONT=Verdana,Verdana][FONT=Verdana,Verdana][size=3]No. The NHICC, unlike its predecessor, is not an „arm‟s length‟ branch of any association. The NHICC is an independent, inclusive and objective organization with its own directors, executive, committees and financial operations. None of the board or council members have been appointed by any association or self-interest group. There are members of every Canadian home inspection sitting on various boards and committees, as well as some inspectors with no association affiliation whatsoever.
Claude Lawrenson, Bill Mullen, George Webb - Submitted on behalf of the new “National Certification Council” and 4 other elected NCA/NCH and concerned National Certification Program supporters. [/size] ")

Once again thank you for the attention Roy and others.

The members that are charged with the administration of the NHICC are the exact same members of the National Certification Authority that were **elected **by National Certificate Holders (NCH), minus the appointed ones. As such, “we” serve as an interim steering committee.

The NHICC is a non-profit national corporation registered in Canada. It operates under approved by-laws, and like any new corporation its’ governance body will change as specified over time. The NHICC is not a home inspection association; it is a home inspector certification body that assures that a home inspector has completely satisfied the NCH designation through rigorous testing and assessments.

We welcome members from the Canadian home inspection industry to participate, if they desire, and see the benefit and recognition of the “national program” and maintenance of the the NCH as the national benchmark. We are continuing the National Certification Program under a truly national standard, with true independence from undue influence, that was often an issue noted in the past.

The “program” is open to all home inspectors in the industry in Canada (regardless of affiliation) on a fair and equitable system, which also includes significant changes in the fee structure.

Members now called “registrants” of the NHICC have not sat by idly while some claim that the program was dead and a waste of money. They valued what they rightfully have earned. So as I stated earlier, life is full of changes and the path is forward, not backwards, living in the past.

Thanks,Claude,and others for keeping the train on the track.

[FONT=Arial][size=2]Harry below is 99 pages of free information.
Please read this and see where our Canadian self appointed leaders are not following the rules.
TRY THESE PAGES AS EXAMPLE 15,21,23,27,55,66,69,74,.
This has been in effect since 2002 ,
I would hope you as a previous ASSOCIATION director has a copy .
If these rules had been followed the we might have not of had the fiscal we now have in the Canadian associations .
Ontario I think has more associations for so few a number of home Inspectors then any other area of the world.
I do believe NACHI has more Ontario members then all the other associations combined .$FILE/Primer_en.pdf]($FILE/Primer_en.pdf)

Still looks to me like the same self appointed group with many secret members and they make the rules to suit them selves .
They are always right and never wrong .
All associations have bylaws that say we should not do work on any home we inspect .
But The Canadian associations all seem to think it is correct for the directors to appoint them selves as to teach the students .
Every thing I read for non profit appointed groups the directors should make sure they are at arms length from this sort of happenings.
This has gone on none stop and it seems to lead to favoritism .
Not Proper and not right .
Same old group doing the same old thing.
Most of the complainers of my posts are making money from the newbie want to be home Inspector .
Fine then do not sit on the BOD.
You need to come to the table with clean hands .

Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon

What does all of this have to do with scam artists?

Once again you seem to allege false claims and jump to conclusions. Once again assuming people guilty without presenting a fair and open response to your allegations.

Without factual information some directors and others actually do know when and how to do the right thing. That is simply declare the conflict of interest and remove themself out of the discussion that puts them in a position of conflict. Perhaps you missed that part in the “guide”. That does not stop a director or officer of a corporation from serving on any board.

So quit painting everyone with your broad generality.

Sorry Claude but the government book ( PRIMER FOR DIRECTORS ) says Directors need to be at arms length .
I agree, the way I see it, it is only proper to follow their information .
This has gone on since 2002 and the main reason why I left OAHI .
Fair play is the proper way.
It needs to stop now !!!

“The NHICC is an independent, inclusive and objective organization with its own directors, executive, committees and financial operations.”

Hmmm , ‘independent’. Claude, what is your connection with the industry again? Oh that’s right you make your living educating new inspectors. So please explain just how ‘independent’ that is. I have seen on various web sites that some of the board members of PHPIO are operating diploma mills too.

I am confused. How ‘independent’ can that be?

At the ALLIANCE of CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS, none of our board members are involved in running diploma mills, or in anyway benefit from other activities connected to the industry. We are just Home Inspectors like you.

No hidden agendas.

No questionable connections.


From page 24 - “this generally requires the director to declare his conflict of interest and to abstain from voting.” Are you suggesting that I have not? Also read section 98 of the Corporations Canada Act. I wasn’t born yesterday, have sought legal advice prior to accepting the position, and clearly and emphatically state - I have always properly declared any conflict if and when such a matter was present in my official capacity.

For you or anyone else to suggest otherwise is nothing short of another half-baked smear camapaigns and intended to slander.

As such, I suggest that you act accordingly because your allegation implicating me on this public forum - is once again nothing more than intended to slander. I ask that you either cease and desist or provide documented evidence to indicate that I have not in fact declared a conflict of interest when acting as a director in dealing with such matters.

As such you allege that I profit from such a position. Once again please provide the evidence to back up your allegations.

Please consider this due notice. As such I also bring this to the attention of the “ethics” committee, if this does not come to a FULL STOP.

Dear collegaues, I consider that some members take their passion in defaming people as enshrined and protected as “freedom of speech”.

It always has a different sense of importance based on whether you believe it is true and deserving of the person, or whether it based on fact, or worst yet based on smearing a person’s reputation.

Although we may seem to take “free speech” as freedom to do or post whatever you please, there still is a part that deals with those that believe their words or actions are above the law.

Freedom of speech does not include freedom to lie, slander, defame and libel. The First Amendment contains no such right or entitlement.

TRY THESE PAGES AS EXAMPLE 15,21,23,27, [/size][/FONT]
[FONT=Arial][size=2]This has been in effect since 2002 ,
I would hope you as a previous ASSOCIATION director has a copy .[/size][/FONT]

[FONT=Arial][size=2].-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/size][/FONT]page 15 [FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]
The duty of loyalty requires that a director
act honestly and in good faith in the best interests of
the corporation. The duty of loyalty is a personal duty
and cannot be delegated (the [/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]“[/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]no-delegation rule[/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]”[/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]).
Among other implications, it means that a director is[FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]
not allowed to profit from his or her office (the [/size][/size][/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]“[/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]noprofit
rule[/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]”[/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]) and must avoid all situations in which
his or her duty to the Corporation conflicts with
his or her interests (the [/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]“[/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]no-conflict rule[/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]”[/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]).[/size][/FONT]
[FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]Page 21[/size][/FONT]
[FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3] [FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]
The director may not delegate his or
her duty, except under certain circumstances and with
adequate supervision; the director must not profit
from his or her position and must always disclose
the entire truth in his or her dealings with the
corporation; and, the director must avoid all conflicts
of interest.
----------------------------------------------------------------------Page 23
**[FONT=RotisSemiSans-Bold]The No-profit rule and the No-conflict rule
**[/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/FONT]*[FONT=RotisSemiSans-Italic][size=1]Directors must act with loyalty at all times. The duty of
loyalty requires directors to stringently avoid conflicts of
interest. Directors may not profit in any way from their
relationship with the corporation. If they do, they must
account to the corporation for the profit. Directors cannot
place themselves in a situation where their duty as a director
conflicts with their interest or with their duty to others.

[size=3]----------------------------------------------------------------------Page 27
• [/size][/size][/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]resign where a director is a director of two corporations,
or serves as a director of one corporation and
in another capacity in the other corporation, where
the interests of the two entities are in conflict and
it is apparent that the director cannot act in the
interests of one corporation without acting against
the interests of the other.
Directors must also treat all members equally
(for instance, by fixing or collecting dues or enacting
rules or bylaws), unless the best interests of the
corporation clearly require otherwise.
Directors must tread especially carefully in
the sensitive and litigation-rich area of members[/size][/FONT][FONT=RotisSemiSans][size=3]’

From what I read below it is a self apointed secret group .
Claude Lawrenson, Bill Mullen, George Webb - Submitted on behalf of the new “National Certification Council” [/size][/size][/size]
[size=2][size=3]and 4 other elected NCA/NCH and concerned National Certification Program supporters. [/size][/size]")

Does the Canadian constitution have a first amendment that deals with free speech?

Just curious?

It is not “illegal” for a director of a CBCA corporation to be an educator or training provider. One need look no further than the numerous inspector associations already filling that role. Aren’t you a member of one? And do their directors operate and run the same way? Some of those directors provide training through “their” training school?

It simply behooves a director to declare a conflict of interest when one exist, to set aside contracted interests. Did you see my company favoured in the NCA Program? Did you see my company listed on the NHICC website?

Look who is calling the kettle black. Call it what it is; you are a member of such an association - no different than the “crap” you are trying to spread and grow here!