Be care ful with realestate agents

Be extremely careful high alert Realestate Agents Want Inspectors to lie so that they can make a $sale profit Tarbell Realtors southern ca be careful all inspectors

You mean RE Agents are not all honest? I am shocked, tell me this isn’t so.:wink:


I refuse to believe this.

Well they got to be honest and look at the best interest of their clients, they are licensed.

Now, how about you sharing with us what brought you to make such a dramatic statement?

If you have personal experience or a unique story to share, please tell us so we all can benefit.

They have a COE to live by. They would never lie.

I forgot to add that the world I live in has a green sky.


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Why would a non-member tell us something that we already know? If you have a problem with agents, tell the NAR and your local media. See if you get results.

Nobody else will listen???

Too what?

(Couldn’t pass that one up.)

He’s a man of few words…

Let me introduce my self living in Southern California for over twenty seven years i had a bad experience recently with a Real estate agent who suckered me to do a home inspection on a sunday with the buyers present my wording made me the bad guy the home did have fire hazards which i let the buyers know a tripping breaker when hvac is turned on wire splices in attic not in j-boxes numerous receptacles inoperable back yard pool not fenced a drowning hazard no alarm at doors leading to pool buyers had infants the following day when thru a phone conversation with the agent he told me to sign everything off as good and to fax him the report i told him to pay me first my $300.00 dollars he promised he said no next thing the buyers also told me on the phone they were not going to pay me they had another inspector i lost but i have the report with photos and next time i make a deal they will sign me off a contract and give me a deposit by the way it was my wording for being open to the buyers i ended up being the bad guy MR. Arturo from tarbell realtors suckered the buyers into believing his story that is fine i can live with this i would not be able to live if for lieing some baby got drowned in a family pool, i been an inspector for over 13 years and over 15 in the construction industry hands on also i do home inspections on the side its not my full time job i build modular school buildings and commercial for DSA/DOH See ya Jose the Inspector

I find his statement hard to believe. I can’t imagine a used house commissioned sales person lying.

A press release may be in order! Do they also look for low-ballers?:shock: