Be careful buying an LED light

I bought a Fenix TK 40 LED light. It was great. I bought a second one. The color of the second light is very different. I found out Fenix does not or will not control the quality of the LED color. A wide range of performance can occur. I would not buy another Fenix light unless I could test run it first.

Just go to the cop shop.

Perfect advice.

I wrote CREE (maker of LED). They said go to manufacturer. I went to person who sold me the light. They said go to the manufacturer. You can imagine the customer service I got from the Chinese manufacturer.

Oh well I got one good light out of it.

EverReady makes a nice affordable LED flash light that clips on your belt. I have had one for the last couple years without no problems. I think it cost about $25.00, and I use rechargeable AA batteries in it.

“You have no light to comprain.”:wink: