Be Careful Out There!

A fellow home inspector in my area (not a NACHI member) fell off a ladder or roof yesterday and was killed by the fall.

He’s been inspecting since 1998 or so. He was experienced, and I don’t think he would have been careless.

He will be sorely missed, I talked with him often. We never know which day is our last.

RIP David Byrd.

Please take extra caution out there, and don’t forget to tell your loved ones that you love them…every single day.

Sorry to hear that.

That is very sad to hear. If someone sets up a Go fund me page or other donation resource please keep us posted.

Prayers to his family.

Just read this on Facebook this morning. No specifics other than he fell off the roof. I pray some good can come from this as a warning to all to ignore the taunts of some jerks to “walk all roofs”. If it isn’t safe, or your gut says not to access a roof,… DON’T!

I couldn’t agree more. I did have that “walk all roofs” attitude before hearing about KC Bartley having an accident earlier this year. He said he had been on thousands of roofs over the years and everything changed in an instant. Fortunately, he recovered from this fall, but the outcome could have very well been the same.

I shared with him how my wife always says to be safe as I’m leaving the house, and I had never really put much thought into it until that time. I do think about that now, and if I encounter a situation where I don’t feel that it is safe to walk the roof, I simply let the client know that my wife requires that I come home in good condition every night. It’s funny that in the short number of times that I have stated that, a female client has spoken up with “that’s a good policy for her to hold”.

Stay safe everyone!


sorry to hear this

Well said, Mr Jonas. I’m one of those "you should walk the roof, IF YOU FEEL SAFE. Just a couple weeks ago, I started to mount a “fairly” steep roof, but as I was getting off the ladder, I started to feel uncomfortable. I had walked steeper ones in the past, but I stepped back on the ladder and descended. The client was very understanding, and seemed glad I didn’t push it. I did get several shots from the ladder-front, sides, and back.

None of us charge a fee worth dying for.

Sorry to hear about Inspector David Byrd. Prayers for his family and friends. I too agree with Jeff. Home Inspection is a very dangerous career for a lot of different reasons.

Stay safe everyone.