Be careful VANGUARDPROREALTY.COM contacting you, cold call

I found that they are identified as a Scam online computer scam on He or They contacted me today and asked me to sign on, gave me a form on a good looking website link also. However, most of all of these reviews on say he is sitting behind computer scamming people and not paying them. Reddit - Dive into anything
There are 2 different companies. Vanguard Realty Group and

Had a contact today through the interNACHI web contact. Deleted it, but they should do better with spam like this.


I got one of those too a few days ago. Of course I knew it was a scam and deleted it. I don’t think I’ve ever got anything but scams through the InterNACHI web contact.


You gotta be careful nowadays… with any business name.

There is a very legit Inspector that is also a semi-retired Realtor… with the business name Vanguard.

Yup, contacted me today.
Someone is very busy mining Member information from the Internachi website(s)!

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