Be careful who your vendors are....

Hello Everyone,

A while ago I ordered stuff off the web. I accidentally registered with my nick name rather than my given name. After having almost all my junk mail stopped by signing up with Life Lock, it started again. I’ve been getting many offers, which can be used by bad-guys, in my company name and my nick-name. I even began receiving phone calls of people saying they are the vendor verifying contact information, I suspect these are false. I went to the vendor’s site and found this:

“In the future, we may make some limited name and postal address information available to other organizations that provide goods or services we feel may be of interest to you.”

I just emailed them and asked them to stop releasing my name, address, and phone number to ‘other vendors’. I emailed them, to verify my suspicion, and have them STOP.

I’m guessing the damage is done, and I’ll be doing with I always do. Tear up the offer and use the return envelope to have them toss it out, not me. Plus I usually write stuff on it, like spammers sucks, etc. :wink:

Just thinking out loud, and I might release what vendor I suspect when I have a reply from them.



My Affiliate link, since I like life lock’s service, and as a vet, I know my info is been publicly lost twice. :frowning: LifeLock

Tom I don’t think this will ever stop, it seems no matter what we do. However if it continues after you have told them to stop refer them to the Attorney General In your state. That may fix it, hit em where it hurts the pocket.

Well when I use to get alot of junk mail, I had a system of just tearing it all up, and sending to those who gave me prepaid envelopes. Keeps the Post Office in business, and hits junk mailers in the pockets.

What gets me about this vendor who I suspect released my contact information, is in a highly completive market. So how does ‘pissing’ off their customers help? Especially since their privacy statement says in the future, not currently releasing information.

For the experiment, I’m thinking about signing up on their site with fake names. Then I’ll get credit card offers in my cats names. Wonder what they would buy? hmm…


Apparently after receiving a reply email from Pens [dot] Com, stating they will remove from their ‘shared’ marketing list, the future has already passed.

They said in their privacy statement “In the future” they would share customer information, and how you can opt out. However, it seems they started already; so if you have dealings with them, and don’t want junk mail, write them now.


I’ve actually done this (not the pets names - hmm something to think about) when first using a new vendor/website etc. I have many variations of my first name, Richard, Rick, Rich, etc. and using my initials R.A… With the company I also have 2-3 variations too.
I create a quick spreadsheet to see which name I submitted to whom, thus beign able to see who the culprit(s) is (are).
Also gives me an idea how much of my info I am putting out there.

A funner thing to do is to add apartment numbers to the end of your physical address each time you give your address to someone. Gas company can be 1G, Electrical 1E, keep track of what you give out, and see what you get back and you’ll know where it originated from.

1234 My Street #1G <-- gas company sold my name!


Great idea!