Be carefull what you say, lard brain



I guess we better keep the “Lard Brain!” comments on the members only section, huh?

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I posted it here so all visitors to the MB could read the article.

Did you read the article?

Yup! Can’t say “Lard Brain” applies to anyone on the public spaces of this BB anymore. Not that I ever did.

I wondered how long it would take for a suit to come up. Luckily, only the commonwealth states (MA and VA) still follow King George’s rules.


PA and KY are also Commonwealths and Louisiana is the only state that doesn’t follow the Common Law.

You’re right! La is Napoleonic, Correct?

Joe, I was joking - I should have used the rollo-ing eyes emoticon, but w/ quick reply, Ya can’t.

I still think you use meritorious wrongly. ;>) - (old style emoticon)

He said he was moved to sue after a woman with whom he was debating the merits of military action in Iraq began a campaign of name-calling that started by describing him as “lard brain” and culminated in falsely labelling him a “Nazi,” a “racist bigot” and a "nonce." ]

“Nonce”?? She called him a “nonce”?? Good grief, she said “NONCE” in public!!

I think I’m going to faint…OOhhhhhhhh… [plop]

Congrats Jae, you have discovered the point to my post.:smiley:
Silly aint’ it?

And what of the republics of California and Texas?