Be Cautious Upon Sending Emails

I wonder if this will include home inspection reports and the personal information that goes with them.

Sadly, there are those among us who think that the Constitution is irrelevant or that it is possible to pick and choose by allowing the government to ignore parts of the Constitution that they don’t support while naively believing that it will respect the other parts that they personally believe in.

Interesting post. I am far from a conspiracy theorist, but there is nothing new here. It is known that certain key words are searched for over millions and millions of e-mails and electronic posts every day. Ya think the TV show “Person of Interest” is that far fetched? Think again.

Why do you think the states are moving toward electronic tolls, and n some instanced MO human toll takers? Why do you think ATMs are EVERYWHERE. What about those “traffic cams”? Or streetlight cams? Satellite imagery s nothing new. Cell phones with real-time streaming. Video chat. Instant messaging. Skype, Oovoo, everything and everywhere.

Where do you think all of this data goes?

Every time you you easypass, your cell phone, or swipe a debit/credit card… your location and activities are known.

The lack of privacy is growing. The laws have not kept up with the technology.

Big Brother is always watching.

(those not connected)

It’s not just emails, IRS can also read and use yourfacebook messages.

Lets see now.
The government invents cell phones and web then we wonder if they spy on us ?

Guess you guys would be really shocked by what Homeland security does.

Okay though as it is for the kids…so get those nanny laws rolling.

I thought that mail is illegal to look at even if it is a E-mail.
Silly me. Some things need to be off limits when sending and receiving them.

Even if it is illegal it is happening all the time, personally I don’t fear government nearly as much as I fear scammers, spammers, and cyber criminals. My rule for email, facebook, forums etc., is if I wouldn’t walk around downtown with my message printed on a sandwich board, I wouldn’t put it in an email, forum posting, or social network page.

Nothing is off limits when they hide it under the guise for greater good.

No one cares if it is used only for legit reasons but what happens when they start using it for unlegit reasons.

The over zealous cop that finds some stupid dope reference then breaks into a families home under a made up reason.

I saw it recently in my neighborhood when someone was busted for growing dope in their house. I do not use drugs but the guy was not hurting anyone and his life is now ruined for growing a few weeds. They said they smelled it. Ha I walked by every day and have been around it most ovf my early life and have a great nose. They lied to get a warrent. Luckily for him he did not have a home protection weapon or he would have really been in deep s h i t First offense. They are now trying to confiscate the home which is his Moms because they said she knew. She knew nothing. The guy used to install carpet and run a succesful business untill the new construction industry crashed and he was just trying to surrvive just selling to his friends.

Next is the vera chip or skyangel…