Be here on December 22. HomeGuage just sponsored our online Christmas party.

More than 3,000 inspectors attend this annual event each year.

Thank you HomeGauge!

Thank you HomeGuage for your support and awesome home inspection software!

The #1 home inspection software in the industry keeps rockin’

Homegauge services are the best.

It is a pleasure to sponsor the biggest Christmas party in the industry!

Now, for some party favors!

Stay tuned for our own Christmas cheer that we will give away during the party!

Our deals and favors will be announced by ole Saint Nick himself!

Save some prizes for later in the day for those of us who will be busy inspecting. I have a morning home inspection and an afternoon mold inspection. Plan on being home by 2:00 o’clock.

Will do!

When is homegauge going to have a bug free app for iOS???

We are just about there. A new developer that has re done a lot.