Be part of a beta test (over)

Hey guys,

We’re going to beta testing a new part of our education system today. I’m looking for 10-15 testers, ideally. I know the timing won’t be great, but we’re scheduling it for 3:30 PM EST today. If you’re up for helping out, check this thread again around 3:30 for the beta link.

Link to Beta: The beta test is over


About to start in about 5 minutes…

Please join us for the beta if you have a chance. We’ll be starting in a few minutes but feel free to enter now and chat amongst yourselves.


I can’t wait for the real classes - the test worked great!

Thanks Chris!

Great idea for some on-line classes. GGRREAT!
Good job Chris and Tim

Hi to all,

nice work guys, a little bit more refinement and I think we will have a usable system.