Be part of a top secret focus group now. New idea to help inspectors make more $$$.

Interested? Just agree to keep it a secret and email Peter Tafeen and ask him to email you the pdf explaining it.

He’ll then contact you to talk about it.

This is another “big one” !!!

Same guy?

All I know is that “ptafeen” received my email and while I have heard nothing back from him…my email spam filter received 10 notices of my enrollment (and need to confirm) in 10 different Lyris accounts.

Wow, Nick.

I still think that NACHI could be better than this.

James that is frigging impossible as this is a top secret endeavor. :wink:

Try it again


You received no reply because it is a secret! Shhhhhhhhhhhhh…:smiley:

This answers my question as to who this be a secret from.

From the Feds, no doubt.

What are Lyris accounts?

They handle bulk email for spammers.

Did you “vett” this program / person?

**Peter And The Wolff: Feds Indict Former Homestore Honchos **
by Blanche Evans
If the wheels of justice appeared to move slowly in the federal indictments of former Homestore executives, CEO Stuart Wolff and VP of business development Peter Tafeen, it’s obvious from related news from Time Warner just a few days ago, that justice was simply waiting for the right grease.

Three days after Time Warner finalized the terms of agreement with the SEC, including a $300 million settlement payable to the US government, Wolff and Tafeen were indicted.

Frank learned a new word. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are we desperate or something? Let’s get our heads out of our dupa’s. You do a lot of good for us Nick, but geez man, if this is the guy in the article then someone needs to to a better job of looking out for us.

What? Does he need help paying the lawsuit off, and its top secret because it is an active court preceding?

Peter is one of my best friends. He is a good man, did nothing wrong, plea bargained because he had little kids. There were few rules regulating internet companies back then. The stock never went down. No one lost a penny. His partner decided to fight in court for years instead and his conviction was recently overturned.

Anyway, test out the hot new idea. It is going to be really good.

So much for a conflict of interest then.

There is no conflict of interest. It is in InterNACHI members interest to consider this project. No conflict about it.

So did anybody every get ther top secret pdf?

You’re still curious?

No, I just found the thread. What in the heck went on in the last couple days? A lot of off the wall stuff has happened.

Ya think!

I know I didn’t! What’s up Nick?

You didn’t get an email that you’ll get a package in the next few days. I received the email yesterday.