Be ready to feel good

enjoy and Merry Christmas…

Really cool!

Wow!!! First off gotta be the best marketing push I have ever seen… Will
Come back 10 fold…
Second, … Now that is Christmas!!! Had to be such a blessing for the team and many of the recipients … Will be talked about for years!!
Thanks for sharing, blessed my day!!


Only in Canada eh

They also did this last year ,
Stand buy they are now working on another big surprise no idea what it will be .

Always make sure you ask for the big screen TV. You would hate to be the guy to get the socks and underwear.

As an airline employee, our competitor did it so right! Way to go WestJet!

All of the gifts were donated by the stores…Totally awesome collaboration and totally unexpected to the people!

Well orchestrated and delivered…

That is a seriously awesome idea.

The person who orchestrated all that definitely got a raise and a promotion. What a feat. :slight_smile: