Be Safe!! PSA

You know I get to hear Michael speak at every event about inspectors not charging enough for their experience, qualifications and risk involved in this profession. I hear him talk about the inspection fees and how so many would be far better working for multi inspector companies based on the fees they are charging and the risks they take. He questions the interpretations of standards and whether inspectors should walk roofs any more and many other requirements that place inspectors needlessly at risk

I also get to hear the feedback from the attending inspectors and sometimes start to second guess some of Michael’s comments, but after last week I am no longer second guessing.

One of our inspectors fell off a roof on Saturday, and while he spent a long time in the emergency ward, he left with no broken bones but pretty traumatized and sore!

Thankfully here, we do carry disability insurance and workers compensation, but as single operators nobody to whom I have spoken does. I spoke to another inspector the other week at a FABI conference that fell off a roof broke so many bones he should not have lived.

I short, I am hearing more and more about these incidents, the longer I am in this profession, and as a matter of due diligence feel I should let everybody know as we all can get complacent some times.

Sooooooooo keep safe and don’t put yourself in any more danger than you need to and set your fees based on value, cost, risk and profit!


Amen! Thank you for that Catherine. Being paralyzed or dead makes it really hard to support a family. :frowning: