Beautiful home inspection business brochures.

Don’t try this at home folks:

I am very happy with my InterNACHI designed brochures. Jessica did an amazing job.

me too!

I am very happy with ours as well.

Excellent work! It’s important to build your business around a professional image and/or branding that suits you. Have consistency with your marketing material(s) and InterNACHI’s professional marketing and design team can certainly help you do that.

What kind of literary input is required on my behalf to develop a brochure? The InterNACHI designs are great!

Just submit your order. They will contact you and get everything they need. Totally work with you to ensure that you are happy with the product. I was amazed at how well mine turned out. If it was based on brochure alone I’d have a hard time not hiring me. Have had several people comment on them also.

Can you post yours?

Hi Frank, after you place your order for brochures I’ll email you a form to fill out that will give us the information about your business needed to generate content. InterNACHI’s Editor-In-Chief will do all of the content writing for you. You only need to answer the questions on the form.

Thanks Jessica

There are four different staffers (each an expert in their own field) who all work on your brochure.

There are two main reasons that home inspectors have to have better brochures than other professions:

  1. Real estate agents are in the marketing business. That’s what they do… they market. They might not know a good inspector from a bad one but they know great marketing pieces when they see them.

  2. Home inspectors are in the written report business. A brochure is a preview (“sneak peek”) of what your report will look like. If your brochure is professional-looking, everyone who sees it believes that your inspection report will be as professionally generated.

I see so many homemade brochures that un-sell.

Very well said.

If I can figure out how - I will.

This is the main reason why I wanted my brochures from InterNACHI.

I had no idea what to write without making it just a print version of my website.

Jessica asked me a bunch of questions and I had a chance to really explain what makes my market area different from other markets, and what I’m doing to set myself apart from other inspectors I have encountered in my area. She wrote a killer brochure, and then we went back and forth a few times with revisions, and then it was done.

With-in a week of getting them, I got call off the brochure and recouped my money and then some.

I love my rack cards! Can’t wait to get the full brochure. I ran into a high end realtor and asked for his card, he handed me a full color brochure. I understood the power of the “wow” factor immediately.

Exactly. See my first reason in my post #11. If you get your head around those two reasons… it will change your entire financial life.