Beazer Homes USA reported a surge in home closings.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, Beazer Homes USA Inc. reported a surge in home closings and sounded a hopeful note for the months ahead. The Atlanta-based company, one of the largest home builders in the US, said its closings climbed 50% in the latest period to 844 homes. New orders, meanwhile, climbed 29% to 1,512 homes.

Hey I just did a new home 3 phase inspection 3 weeks ago for a Beazer built home in Germantown, MD. The site foreman was a total douchebag to me like I was the enemy or something. Was funny because I called out a few deficiencies in the home and I was proven to be correct and they had to change a few things…:cool:


You are the enemy! They built a perfect home, and you come in pick it apart. I’m presently doing one where the builder forgot all of the hose bibs. I caught it very early, easy to correct at this stage, and he tried tell me that exterior hose bibs are plumbed and installed at the end of the build around the same time the appliances and carpet are installed. :roll:

He is an Idiot, in your case you just saved him from having to bash up walls to run water lines after drywall ??..LOL