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Check out this video

Let me know what you think

Nice job Juan, did you make it yourself?

For the most part. The folders flying around every wasn’t my work.

Nice work but I would slow the slides down just a bit can not get focused on one pic before the next one pops up:D

I like the pacing.

Animoto is interesting…good job :smiley:

Nice job Juan. The only thing that I would tweak if it was mine would be to slow down the slide changes between 31 and 39 seconds. To fast for my eyes. Make them match the timing of the rest of the video and you have it nailed.

Thanks Guys!

Jeff Hannon. It’s not really for people to actually see the images. It’s just supposed to convey that I have a lot of photos from ON the roof :slight_smile:

I made this with Animoto and windows movie maker. It took me about 2 hours. It’s really easy if you guys want to make your own videos.