Become a Home Energy Score Assessor in Florida

Become a Home Energy Score Assessor in Florida
July 19-21, 2017
Location: Pro-Lab
1675 N Commerce Pkwy, Weston, FL 33326

The Home Energy Score is a great way to enhance your inspection business by adding a DOE-supported service to your offerings. Developed by the U.S. Department of Energy, a Home Energy Score helps homeowners better understand their home’s energy use and how to save on their utility bills. This live two-day class will expedite the process for you to become a Department of Energy-approved Home Energy Score Assessor.

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To much work and not enough money…Yep!

Dang $350.00 not going to pay that for a course,not me, nope :slight_smile:

InterNACHI members take Free InterNACHI courses :slight_smile: One of the many benefits of being an InterNACHI has the certifications you can obtain FREE. InterNACHI kind of a concern if you ask me as I was “UNDER THE IMPRESSION” Classes at the InterNACHI House of Horrors complex would be free to InterNACHI members. Us locals would have a nice advantage since they put and inspector factory in our backyard.

Well, it says 2 day class 19th-21st which I am counting 3 days there. What is the average fee for this service to consumers? What hardware is required… blower door? IR imager…etc? I have an inspection scheduled on the 20th so I would have to move that to attend. I know HIP supports it.

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A cost benefit analysis would help to sell the classes.
There is a class in Boulder later on this month, so relevant for others. The price has more than doubled if I remember correctly. I apologize if that is an incorrect observation.