Become a Home Energy Score Assessor. Watch this 1-minute video.

Become a Home Energy Score Assessor.

Yeah, but the mentor part STILL needs work, according to the flyer I’ve gotta pay $345 a year now?! When all this kicked off it was touted as no extra cost…

I disagree that it will only take a few minutes to score a home as Ben states.
I’ve been doing the DOE SIM and it is a pain in the butt.
As a matter of fact , I think I’ll give up on it.

In Colorado, we have our instructor Joe Hall to provide all of the training, QA, and mentoring. In fact we have an upcoming class with Joe at The DOE keeps moving the Mentoring target, so to speak, and InterNACHI keeps coming up with affordable and free ways for members to become and operate as Home Energy Score Assessors.

After performing an a home inspection, writing the Home Energy Score report takes on a few minutes, particularly with hardly any double-entry using software like Home Inspector Pro. The training is challenging. It’s not easy being an Assessor. But we feel that the investment is going to be worth it. The wave of every homeowner asking for their score is coming. For example, Portland is now requiring all home sales (starting on Jan 1, 2018) to include a Home Energy Score.

Our intention is to have Home Energy Scores on all MLS’s.

So how do I get a hold of Joe? I got a flyer from Tom that said I had to sign up to pay $375 a year to some website, put my score in there, and somebody would look it over.

ETA: I’m willing to drive to Boulder to get the mentoring done. Or WHEREVER in Colorado…if that’s where Joe is.