Become a Home Energy Score Assessor

I took the free Internachi course and am now working on the DOE part. I am wondering about proper pricing for this service. I’m thinking $100- $150 per test home.

Anyone else looking at this and if so are you going to charge?

I’m working on my ICC at the moment. I think it can be a very useful certification. Was recently offered an inspection position for a construction company overseeing an airport project…I’ll pass the training aides along when I get through it all. For
$160.00 a year as a professional member until you’re certified it’s a no brainer.

I am an ICC member.

Also, Internachi is an education provider for ICC, as far as the ICC site goes Internachi is good for 6 classes that count towards getting my 100 credits to be classified as a building official. To date I have 30 credits for field experience, will get 9 or 10 from internachi, 40 for passing the ICC exam and the rest I’m not sure yet. I have been doing plan review for almost 3 years but its not under a certified instructor so I’m wondering what my next move should be.

I am looking for a partner for the Home Energy Scores to do backup inspections with in the Denver, CO area.
Cyndi Krieger
Homework Home Inspections LLC

I am also looking for a partner in the Green Bay Wi area