Becoming a home inspector in TX

I am interested in pursuing a career in home inspecting here in Texas. While going through the qualifications I found the section on backgrounds and criminal history, by know means do I have a rap sheet there is one conviction on my record from almost 7 years ago that is for fictitious, obscured license plate. The car I was driving had an inspection sticker from another car displayed on the windshield, the car was being borrowed from a friend, but since no one was lining up to admit that they were guilty, I was persuaded by my very low priced attorney to plead guilty. Fast forward and now I have found a career path that interest me and I feel can be a great benefit to myself and more importantly my family, it pops back up. I wanted to try and get the opinion of some folks who are licensed in this field and ask if y’all think that it is something that will cause me to not be eligible for a Professional Home Inspector License. I did speak to a representative of the TREC and he stated that it was case by case and that they did infect have more license holder with records that not. I would appreciate any advice and be very thankful for any help or suggestion they would be greatly appreciated

You can submit a Moral Character Determination form to TREC before applying to get their written determination. The form is MCD-1 and is on the website. The fee is $50, and pretty self explanatory.

Notwithstanding the grammatical errors I certainly hope you misunderstood him.

Michael is right…download, print, fill out, attach supporting documents and submit MCD-1. See:

Yeah, I’d hate to be infected with government records…sounds terminal.

I would hate to think that the majority for texas home inspectors have criminal records.

Though I have seen more than a few work products that I would consider it criminal to accept payment for.