becoming a home inspector

I would like to become a home inspector and be licensed in Massachusetts AND CT. I Love home improvement projects and have basically rebuilt my entire house up to code. I was wondering what is the best way to get started. I know the specs say you must Inspect no less than 100 homes under someone. But how do you get under someone…just call around and ask if they need an intern. I do not want to get paid in anyway for it until I have a license. I just love skilled trades and am SOOOO sick of computers ghahaha. Any info will help. Thanks

Did you complete any training for home inspection? If so, please list?

You should contact David Valley in Metheun Mass. He is very knowledgeable and helpful.

I have not done ANY training. I am actually an IT guy. But am very good with my hands and looking for a career chang. Unfortunatly methuen is about 2 hours from me hahaha. Anyone closer???

Start with taking the plumbing, electrical, roofing, and a few other INachi courses and the Online Examination. This may give you a small indication of what you need to know and how much more you need to learn.

Several “home inspection” companies will offer to “train you” at the rate of $150 per inspection. That means you will be paying them approximately $15,000 for your so called training.
The only catch is that you have to perform 100 “successful” inspections under the direct supervision of a licensed Massachusetts home inspector. That means that in the inspector can fail you over and over and over again. You’re 100 inspections can turn into 900 to a thousand at the rate of $150 each!
Now ask yourself this question why would anyone want to try a person who is going to be a direct competitor and could possibly put them out of business?

Even though I had years and years of experience as a certified inspector I took a college course in Massachusetts and trained with a large company. I wound up doing three inspections a day, six days a week for almost 9 months. I had to pay them for the privilege! Five years later I still do not have a Massachusetts license!
All I can say is you might want to stick to the IT field!

HAHAHAH sounds like a plan. I can understand why they make it so hard. But having to PAY THEM what the F!

Most licensed states are like that. Sad but true.