Becoming a multi-inspector firm? New article: Do You Have a Fear of Hiring?

Great article, thanks.

Excellent article Nick and Kate! Well timed too. I’m beginning to put together an employment package and you hit on several of the points that I’m addressing or need to address.

I would like to put together a team to attack home inspections but am not sure how many different types of guys I need and how to arrange they all get there at the same time and how not to block off the whole street. I would lie to offer everything a homeowner might want in regards to inspections but that could be a lot. I only want to offer this to high end homes as I do not thin low end home buyers could afford it.

Elevation Certificate
termite guy
mold guy
insurance inspections
sprinkler guy
Alarm guy
Whole house generator guy
elevator guy

it just seems like the list could go on and on and on.

Any suggestions from you guys that hit a home in a team approach would be appreciated.

How to you pay them LEGALLY? where all is happy.