Becoming an inspector questions

Hi there,

first post here. I’m looking into a career change and home inspection has caught my attention, but I have lots of questions. I’m hoping some of you experienced people can point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance for your help!

My background: completely unrelated to building/construction. I have a master’s in something else. I don’t know too much about house systems yet, but I am super-willing to learn (I’m very motivated and can really drive myself to learn). I also have some traits that from what I hear are very important to have in home inspection, such as being detail oriented, safety-minded, patient, able to explain things well and clearly, having good writing skills, affinity for technical things, etc.

Some of my questions:

  1. I’ve looked into the InterNACHI video trainings, but can’t quite figure out how many hours of studying each one involves. Also, how well do they prepare you and are there any other trainings that are more highly recommended? I KNOW there is a lot to learn. I’m not going to rush anything. I want to learn a lot and be very good at the job.
  2. Are you all always totally worried about being sued, or do you feel pretty confident after getting some experience. How often does a GOOD inspector get sued?
  3. Is it possible to obtain reasonably priced E&O insurance if you have NO experience in this field or a related one? What about liability insurance?
  4. How many inspections would you say I would need to do before feeling confident I can charge for them?
  5. I live in Denver, CO. Any of you in the area who may be willing to give me the scoop and maybe even let me tag along for an inspection?

Thank you!!!

Come meet me in my Boulder office tomorrow. Are you around?

Nick, that is so nice of you to offer! Unfortunately I am at work tomorrow, no way to get out. Any chance I could meet you Saturday or any time next week?

Yes, call me on my cell phone Saturday, Sunday or anythime: (720) 272-8578.

Bettina take his offer if you are serious.
Heck do whatever it takes.

I certainly will. :slight_smile:

Bettina, if you would like to get an Idea about insurance cost and availability feel free to call or email me anytime.