Becoming home inspector looking for information and advice


I’m considering to pursue career in home inspection servicing Central Ontario and GTA, and hope I can get some advice from practicing home inspectors.

A little bit about me; I have background in construction, I studied Construction technology and management at George Brown College back in 2000s since then I worked on number of renovation projects and my main specialty is finish carpentry. Since my job was so detail oriented I have learned to pay attention to detail and find even smallest deficiencies from a distance.
I have considered becoming a home inspector before and even passed Internachi exam back in 2012.

I hope I can get some answers before starting out.

  1. Education
  • What do you think about Carson Dunlop course? I personally like that it can be completed at your own pace, and is relevant to Ontario but price tag is 4k
  • What is the best and cost effective infrared training course right now?
  1. Memberships
  • I plan to become an Internachi paid member and completing courses and exams.
  • Is it worth it to become OAHI member at all?
  1. How is business?
  • How is the job market in GTA? Is it over saturated with home inspectors or is fairly balanced? I understand well established inspectors might be making a decent living, but what about someone who is just starting out?
  1. Advertising
  • I know one of the main ways to get inspections is marketing directly to real estate agents.
  • What about advertising directly through Google being heavily invested in SEO and AdWords, I would love to work directly for buyers/homeowners if possible.

Thank you for any input or advice.

Sorry for lengthy post, if someone would like to answer my questions over the phone/WhatsApp I would really appreciate it.

Grand Theft Auto?

Pretty sure it’s Greater Toronto Area…

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Call & speak to our member Ian Robertson. He’ll be happy to chat with you giving you definitive answers.

Welcome to the Forum,

The one piece of advice, do not expect to jump in and be able to live off your earnings for a while as a full time inspector unless you were to get in and hired by an established company. I would say that more than 50% of the inspectors in my area have been in business less than a year and many only about 6 months before they are out of business…

If you are starting your own company it may take you a year (and probably more) to get established enough where you are actually making a living. You will need a second source of income to live on for a while. But that is true when starting out in any business.

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  1. Stick with InterNACHI education. Much less expensive and more comprehensive.
  2. Business varies regionally. Unless you are exceptionally business savvy or lucky enough to live in a really hot market it will take you a few years to earn a living.
  3. What works also varies by region, or sometimes locally.
    Judging by the limited nature of your questions you have a lot to learn. Join InterNACHI and keep asking questions here on the boards.
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You can call me I am a home inspector in the GTA. 416-899-8116

Harjot, welcome to our forum!..Enjoy! :smile: