Bedroom AFCI's

Just came from an inspection…home built in 2008…SquareD 200 Amp main service panel. AFCI protection is present for only 2 of the 3 bedrooms. Is there a reason that the third bedroom would not be protected? The work appeared to be neat and very well done. The panel was signed off on by the city when the home was built. Seems odd? Thoughts…?

Doesn’t comply with the 2002 standard. The 2008 standard is broader.

AHJs sign off on all manner of things that are non-compliant. Maybe someone changed the breaker? It is what it is. Just document it.

Thanks Chuck…thats my take also. The house was built 4 years ago but was completed before the 2008 NEC was adopted here.

Maybe the 3rd bedroom wasn’t originally defined as a bedroom.

Interesting take Chris…in fact…this room is not being used as a bedroom now. I wrote it up on the report…it’s listed as a three bedroom home and there is a full closet in the room.

Iowa has electricity?

Just the eastern third of the state…:slight_smile:


nice! lol.

Since it is just usually receptacles and lights, I find they put 1 or 2 bedrooms on one AFCI. Are you sure there was a separate, non-AFCI circuit for the 3rd bedroom?