Bedroom is cold, could you fix?

Tackled this one today, and wow!, what a mess.

13’x14’ bedroom with previous leaks, suspended ceiling, and falling drywall ceiling above with no insulation and gaps big enough for an animal.
This is what it looked like Friday.

Taking the grid down;

Animals did live up there;
How do like this for fecal matter? There was enough up there for an organic garden for jeezes sake.

And that is not all, what do you suppose those would be doing up there?

Expose the framing above. Dam, what is holding this up?

Look at the cut studs, hmmmmmm, let’s go outside and see what that wall was.

Well, judging from the sag in the second floor wall directly above those cut studs, I’d say someone took a shortcut to some structural headers.

I call the client and told him he had structural issues and wanted him to see it.
He said it has been like that for 25 years so just continue with your ceiling and cover it up. I will be selling this thing in a couple of years.

I told him, well, It is in my best judgement to let you know before I do the ceiling that you have issues with the structural and it is in my best ethical judgement for me to advise you of it before I continue.
I understand that it has been like that for 25 years or more but does not elude the fact that tomorrow, it might decide to come down.
A man of my experience would get sued should anything happen and I did not bring up the matter.
I understand he said, just continue.

OK Sir.

What would you do?:slight_smile:

walk away quickly

Mark, keep in mind that I gave an estimate to do repairs on a new ceiling, insulate, vapor barrier and doing the work.

I am not inspecting this property.
Although I did to some extent while doing the work. :wink:

No one else latter will have any clue as to what I am hiding here.
But I am getting paid for what the client wants, even though it is wrong.

Paid to do what is wrong basically. I hate when that happens. But I need to work.

This is a Realestate agent too!

More work to come from this client.
Took plenty of pictures, that is for sure. :slight_smile:

Cover you butt, document everything, and complete the job you were hired to perfrorm. If you don’t, he will find someone else who will. Unfortunately, not a hell of a lot you can do, other than walk or work.

Marcel, put your recommendations for a proper fix in writing, have him read and then sign that all he wants is what you originally were hired to do. If possible have someone witness the signing. CYA

Thanks Jeff, pretty much how I look at it.
Even though I know it is wrong might all be based on what I know and most anyone else would not have batted an eye.
I just hate to do work like that when something could happen when I leave.
Got an estimate folder, date, notes and pictures. So If latter something happens, I have the info. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jeff, but he would not sign something like that anyways.
I will most likely send him an email when the job is done regarding the subject so I have it on file. :slight_smile:

And how are you doing down there anyways, nice to hear from you.



I heard that Mike Holmes will be in your area due to the amount of complaints from homeowners because of shoddy workmanship from contractors…:wink:

Hopefuly, he won’t find out that a CMI did those repairs…


Marcel you need a IR camera to figure that out . ha.
Seriously that is good documentation and I need to come back later to look at it all.

I’ll just tell him to contact the one that did the work 25 years ago.
I was paid only for a facial and not an upgrade on the structural integrity of the portion of the apartment complex that also houses 5 apartments.
This building is 100+ years old and I am only brushing 1% of the issues everywhere else in the building.

It will get noted that no further action was accepted to address the structural issue. :slight_smile:

Good luck on that one Marcel
I would warn him to get a mold test and Possible test for Dangerous bacterial .

And i hope you wore a mask

who do you think taught Mike Holmes ,

I never do, it does not bother me. :slight_smile:

I do not ether, But after getting this last course i am . Scared the be jeepers out of me

Wayne, what last course are you talking about?

Went on a certified mold course. At UT

Tough spot to be in Marcel. I have been in similar years ago when doing work for friends and it’s not easy. Here’s a question: Marcel does the quick cover up as asked to, 3 years from now house is on the market and Marcel is contacted out of the blue to inspect for his client. Knowing what’s behind the ceiling and all, what does he disclose? Or turn down the inspection? Not sure what I would do. Just thinkin’…What do you guys think?

If we go by the “we can’t see through walls” thingy…
He couldn’t say whether the repairs have been made, or not.
Just sayin’.

I here you Jeff, however the ethics and consience “thingys” still kick in and would with me as I’m sure most of us. Knowing what was done and how.