Being charged multiple times for monthly fees

I signed up last week for 49 dollars a month. My bank account is showing 3 49 dollar payments to internachi. Why?

How do I get refunded?

Get ahold of Internachi directly… NOT the inspectors on the MB!!

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Thanks. Is there only one number to call or am I looking for a specific number?

Thank you.

Jacob has this issue been resolved? If not, please reach out to member services at 303.223.0861, as it seems you might have set up multiple accounts?

It has been resolved by my bank. However, I do believe I accidentally created 3 accounts. How do I delete them and start over?



Would you not want to delete just two, keep one and not have to “start over”? Hopefully, @lendza can guide you through that.

So how do you accidentally create three accounts? I will bet you have three different names on those three accounts.

I believe it was a password issue and I had to keep trying a new password

Hmmmm? Is there a post or a clue somewhere? (just bustin on you man, but for real)

You may be getting charged by the question(s).