Being Harassed by Robo-calls from 29Prime?

This company (29Prime) robo-calls me incessantly and refuses to stop. I’ve filed numerous complaints through the FTC (a big waste of time and tax dollars) and to the company itself (also a big waste of time).

I finally started complaining to the BBB sending a fresh complaint every day they called me (which was every day) for about 2 weeks. They responded to the initial complaint again promising to stop but they continued anyway. They finally stopped responding to the complaint altogether and lost their BBB rating (it was an A when I started), however they are still listed as a BBB Accredited business.

I finally blocked their primary robo-dialer number (405) 416-1899 from my phone which stopped most of the calls (I still get them robo-calls from them through other numbers on occasion).

Their practice of robo-calling is illegal (even if you are not on the do not call list) and they should be penalized for the practice. The FTC appears to be useless, but complaining to the BBB does have some effect.

If they call you, flood the BBB with complaints This company should not be accredited and really deserves a F rating with the Better Business Bureau for their illegal and reprehensible marketing practice.

Here is a link to my complaint report (it only contains a small percentage of my complain submissions):

Never do business with 29prime

How do you block your unwanted calls Chuck?

Since your number is a business number, the ‘Do Not Call List’ won’t include it.


This is for Verizon only and you have to renew it every 90 days.

I just figured I can add the number to my contact list and assign it a silent ring tone. ATT has a blocking service also ($$)or I can jailbreak the phone and use a blacklist app. ($$)