Being picky

Hey Nick on the buy back log in we are not allowed to enter the actual date of the inspection it is entered as the date we actually entered it on the log automatically, some of us (me) actually work late and don’t enter it on the same day of the inspection

Your report will have a date on it. And the 90 days is from closing I think, so the date you enter it might not be as important. Just a guess…

I know that but I just like all my peas in a row we should be able to enter our own date the inspection was actually performed just appears more professional.

All that is needed is this.
Please note: you only have to enter the** street number and street name**—no need to enter city/state/postal code. InterNACHI **does not collect identifiable consumer data **from this program.
All the rest is done by your Client if they need this for the the future within 90 days and according to the Standards of Practice set out when they go to see the offer.
This is good as InterNachi can tabulate how many Home Inspections are being done by the program and Individuals enrolled can have a record when set up on there own log in at InterNachi.

What has that to do with the price of tea in china are you just babbling again:(

No one see’s it but yourself. Do you need it to look more Professional? LOL

There is no need to put in a date, since it is from the close date and we won’t know that. However, I do put in the city and state.

Just thinking out loud, I suppose if you want you could include your report tracking number. I do like that idea. That way we can find the report later on, if needed. So I think I will start adding that to the “address” in the submission.


Ya guys are not understanding me when we enter the address the Nachi web site enters the date automatically and if there is a claim Nachi will not know when the 90 days is actually up until they request a copy of the report. Nachi could deny a claim based on the date posted if say someone entered the report after the date of the inspection not likely to happen but it could I like to stop problems before they are created;-)

I have another question we enter the inspection on the day of the inspection on your web site, but we don’t always know right away if the client does not buy the home how do we remove the address from the web site I don’t want to pay for a guarantee that went south how often will our bank card be hit, once a month once a year or once every ten years

In all due respect, inspection date is meaningless in this program. The clock starts at when the house changes hands from the seller to the buyer and as home inspectors, we never know when closing happens. A house could close 1 week after the inspection or 2 months after the inspection. I’m guessing Nick’s gang will request a copy of the closing documents to see when closing actually occurred. Our inspection report will not include closing date.

You should remain completely out of the picture for this to. You offer it and pay the fee. You will hear from InterNachi about any claim.

That is a good question, Charley. I’m sure many would wonder that, if they thought about it like you did. :slight_smile:

Perhaps Charlie now see’s why we are all (well, some of us) asking questions BEFORE jumping on the bandwagon. Personally, I don’t jump into chit without all details explained to my satisfaction. This is my business and reputation at stake.

If the client does not purchase the home, then there will never be a claim. Your report is for **your **client. The inspection and the guarantee is for that one client. You paid $5 for marketing. You got what you wanted…the inspection fee in part because you offer a guarantee. I’m ok with that. It beats the pants off of the $15 for a Home Warranty.

Thats ok you can pay the $5.00 for the inspections that don’t close I prefer not to. I need to be able to remove a inspection from the list if it does not go to close. I want a starting and ending date for the 90 day warranty and if I have to track it my self I will. Every thing in Real Estate is legally connected to a date

Well I am not getting any answers guess Nick is to busy dodging bullets from the sheep herder;-)

Jeff I am a big boy I think for my self and can work through minor details. The first horse to the water trough gets the lions share of the water the others gets the slobbers at the bottom of the bucket;-)

No thanks…

I thought about this offering and signed up, logo goes on my site this week.

Having said that I am doing 2 inspections over the next 2 days and those people will not be included. They both contacted me before I decided to try this.

Now I also am deciding to sell this service and don’t know if this is against the rules or not and I have yet to see how this is percieved by my clients.

Bottom line is it seems like a solid offering and way better than some others I am aware of.

This weekend I send out individual emails to lenders and agents asking them to visit my site and check it out. I think first on board is the way to go. This may or may not be significant in all the noise with Recall check and the other freebies. Personally I think its smart.

If you would spend more time running your so called business instead of finding stupid pic on the internet you would be further ahead;-)