Bell Trademark cladding

I ran into this ceiling cladding in the basement of a Brooklyn, NY pre-war (1920) co-operative building. It appears to have hair in it like some old plasters do. My main concern is the likelihood of asbestos. Does anyone recognize the “Bell Trademark” stamp?

Only one way to find out… even if it was not known to contain it… it would be incorrect to claim that it does not without testing.

Yep, need to test to be sure.

Agreed,and understood. I was just wondering if anyone had run into this stuff before.

From what I understand, while not a rule, most horse hair plaster boards did not contain asbestos due to the time that was popular.

Hi Darrin,
There was a Bell asbestos mine in Canada into the early part of the 20th century. The Bell name also was well known at one time for asbestos packing. No way to answer your question without testing, but odds are it does contain asbestos.


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Thank you. I wonder if that is the same “Bell”.

The stamp on the plaster board just says “Bell Trade Mark”.

Looks like a Bell space ship :grinning: