Belmont University, Nashville, Tn. Involvement in Go Green, District 18

Moisture barriers are a significant prevention of moisture intrusion from the geological aquifer.

Debris removal prevents wood boring insects infestation.

Installing insulation in the first floor joist is not necessary in the Tennessee’s temperate climate if an HAVC duct system or furnaces located in a basement. You cannot have heat loss if there is not a temperature differential between the living space and below the floor. Residual heat loss from your dock system will warm the air which stratified between the floor joist. No heat transfer will occur without a temperature differential.

Not to downplay the “Go Green” program, however more advanced analysis can be achieved.
These energy efficiency programs are excellent to get things started, however for those that want more…

Additional advanced building performance diagnostics are available locally in Nashville Tennessee!

This is only for the people that realize there is more to “going green” then a free energy.
If you wish to have serious building performance evaluations conducted, it is available for District 18, Nashville, Tennessee.

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