Ben Garrison of FREA on NACHI.TV. Watch the show now!

What’s the joke?

That gotta be a big OOPS! Nick

Huh ???

I didn’t even catch that. At first, I thought you guys were making fun of me, calling my interview a “joke.” Then saw the link.

Try this link fellas –

Nick, I think you’re trying to sabotage my NACHI TV debut :wink:

Sorry, Not intentional, fixed. :roll: With all our thousands of sites, we get thousands of emails from consumers and REALTORs asking how to find a good inspector and some ask about ASHI every now and then. I just send them ASHI’s "Just give us your credit card and Shazam, you’re an inspector!" online application link along with ours so that they can make an educated decision in hiring an inspector.