Ben Gromicko's spectascope?

Ben Gromicko once did a video on NachiTV and showed a device he called a spectascope. Its was a telescoping pole that a camera attaches to. It looked pretty good, especially for those days when you can’t get up on a roof. I did some searching around and did not find it. Does anyone know where i can purchase one?

Go to the paint department at Home depot. They have red handled telescoping paint roller handles. They also have paint scrapers that will screw onto the handle. Put some velcro on the scraper, screw it on the handle, and velcro your camera to it. Put your camera on 10 second delay. Snap the picture and extend it to the roof.

I’ve also got velcro on my moisture meter and use this same device for testing stains on very high ceilings.

BTW, I dulled the edge and corners of my scraper with a bench grinder, and then re-painted it with black spray paint. That way if I slip, I don’t gouge finishes with it.

I made my own from a Pole from Home Depot and A tripod Works great

Mark,How high will yours go? Will it reach the top of a two story chimney?

If you were standing next to in on top the two story roof. :mrgreen:

It’s a paint roller handle that extends out (about 10 or 12 feet total length.) So no it won’t reach to the top of a two story building.

I seen the one Ben was using. I think it was longer than that.

Wayne, Mark,

Do you have a photo.

Here ya go, Louis.

Thanks i will look into it.