Bent Suction Line

Found a bend in the suction line outside today. It wasnt bad but noticable. What are the affects (if any) on causing an issue?

What was the Age of the HVAC Unit?
How was it Performing?

Less than 10 years. Working fine.

The compressor depends on the suction temp to cool its motor windings the effect of that size crimp is minimum I would just recommend it be adjusted which can be accomplished with a pair of channel locks no big deal

crimp does not appear to be substantial enough to cause erosion.
(less than 10 years)
it has a 3 - 5 year life expectancy…
based upon prior )if annual service was performed) and continual annual service of the equipment.

Thats all I needed. Thank to both.
Professional adjustment with channel locks recommended. Hah!

Well Shaun when void of knowledge use the common sense rule;-)

Charlie ever start a compressor with a hammer? lol i have

When I did not have a ready available start capacitor to jumper with yes I have used a hammer many times or a big cresent wrench;-)

Nice catch. That’s about a 20 to 25% reduction in size.