Best 10 Places to Hide Valuables in Your Home.

Best 10 Places to Hide Valuables in Your Home.

Before everybody hides their stuff, they should take a clear photo of each item. All jewelry, all coins, all guns, all artwork, etc. Then take a full video of each room that shows pictures, mirrors, furniture, everything. Even take a video of the inside of each drawer and cabinet.

Then put a copy of the video and photos in a safe deposit box. Cheap write off for the business and secure.

Yeah it takes a little time but if you are every burglarized, burned down, flooded out or covered in lava, you will have picture and video proof. I am sure that Jim Bushart can tell you that if you don’t remember it and file a claim, you sure won’t get paid for it.

Good article.

I don’t see Mattress listed here!!! LOL

Yep, I did that right before we evacuated when Ike hit Houston almost 5 years ago. I will do it again as soon as we get everything unpacked in the new house.

I found the fake wall outlet in a home a few years back…