Best deals on IR Camera?

I’m looking at purchasing a Fluke TiR 32…would this be overkill for home inspections? I’ve read many thoughts about which one to get but it’s all over the place on the forum. Looking for a good Mid range model. Thought I read here that someone could get 25% off camera’s.

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John send me soem info too. Thanks!

See our website for a ton of info on our IR class.

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Like with cars, your best deals will come from buying second hand or demos. I frankly would not buy less than a 320x240 imager, though there are many factors to consider other than the size of the sensor array. Fluke would not be my first choice, but that is a matter of personal preference.

Invest in real training. You may replace your imager in a couple years, but you will keep your training throughout your career.

Just don’t buy one from the classifieds here unless its 100% protected by your credit card. I’ve been scammed by a “member” here and am just going through the paypal claim process. I’m getting my money back but What a hassle though :mad:

(avoid “john winkler” btw)

I would appreciate if you would please share particulars of how the scam was perpetrated. It will be helpful to all.

BTW: Anyone purchasing a used imager would be advised to check ownership of that imager. Ask for the serial number of the unit and if the seller is not the original owner ask who they purchased the unit from. Contact the manufacturer and ask for the sales and service history of the unit. I have done this many times with FLIR by contacting their service department. I assume that the other manufacturers will be equally helpful.

This is a good resource, do realize that it will favor the manufacturer that publishes it. It’s a guide, but it’s also a marketing piece.

Here’s another resource from Jim Seffrin and Infraspection Institute:

Ebay is also a good source. You’ve gotta know what you’re looking for. I picked up an Inframetrics PM290 for $1600. Used IR camera dealers are asking $5000- $9000 for the same imager. It was in the $30,000 range when it was new. The only extra money I spent was for after market battery packs which were a few hundred bucks.

Very Interesting …Thanks for the info .

Hi Chuck,

It has been over a year since I looked at the guide but as far as I remember it talks about IR camera selections in general. Did you have a chance to look at the guide? I did not download it - just posted the link. Not sure, maybe the content changed.


I read it when it first came out. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong or dishonest, only that it tends to favor the strengths of their products. The similar piece from Fluke would emphasize impact durability.

As I recall it was a good resource and well worth reading. I think I have a hardcopy in my library. I just wanted to let people know that it is written by a manufacturer with an agenda to sell their imager and that they should ALSO consult other sources for a rounded perspective.

Buying a second hand IR camera without warranty is very risky advise, considering the huge cost of even simple repairs.

Your saying that a person cannot benefit from taking more training later?

I would not recommend listening to your advise.

What I am saying is that any penny spent on your training is worse than wasted, as the mark will later have to unlearn the erroneous information they paid to be subjected to.

I’m not surprised, nor am I disappointed that you disagree with my advice. If you did agree I would have to rethink the quality of the advice I was providing.

In addition to your course what other IR course do you recommend to further one’s IR business?

One more additional question if you don’t mind. You state as a matter of fact that hundreds of NACHI members have begun their IR business after completion of your course. Are these hundreds of members offering their services as an ancillary to their home inspection business or as a stand alone IR business as stated?

Please submit all proof of any issues to Ben Gromicko, head of InterNACHI education. No proof cannot be accepted. :wink:

We don’t endorse other courses or schools. That is up to you.

Regarding your second question:… they do it both ways.

Maybe I asked my question incorrectly. What types of courses or further education do you or “we” (as used in your statement above) recommend.