Best Decfect Award Group 4

I thought the gases would suck themselves out if we got the pipe close enough!

From the home of “Tom & Jerry”…

The last inspector said we needed a new panel, but we want a second opinion…

Another fine job by 2 Minute Plumbing Service, Inc.!

The good news is the felt underlayment is installed…

Your guardrail is missing… it should be fully graspable and extend the entire length of the stairs.

Looky here! The mason left his signature trademark!

I’m going to need a bigger marble to check the floor level…

The listing indicated a “custom” Koi pond…

Keep your eye on the horizon when you’re going down the stairs…

Nice defect pictures Bill.

Now come on Folks, let start Rocking and Vote!!!:):smiley:

Great photo’s… this ones gonna be tough!

Well, that’s a switch, 10 votes already, and let’s keep them comming, we got some good pics here to choose and they are good ones. :):smiley:

Funny thing is I had to vote for the bigger marble, I have photos I never submitted for the others.

Lets keep these votes up before the busy week. :slight_smile:

Did one today.

Wooden rear porch and balcony.

  • It had hangers, but they used screws.

  • The ledger board was not flashed, and only had one bolt every 3 joist bays.

  • 6 x 6 posts, properly footed, but the upper balcony joists were just resting (NO NAILS OR BOLTS, POST NOTCHING OR BRACKETS) on the tops of the corner posts.

AND, it had just been “code inspected”, with no red flags.

New joke: “As steady as a Chicago back porch” :shock:

I called the codie back and pointed out the obvious porch problems. He told me that home inspectors were a joke. I pulled out the “porch and deck guidelines” from the City of Chicago web site and tried to show him that it was not just my “ill-infomed” opinion. He told me that if I didn’t work for the City and was not “union” my opinion “didn’t mean squat”.

I also asked for his name and City ID, but he just brushed me off.

I then turned to my clients and told them that, in my opinion, the porch was not safe and they would have to have it repaired / replaced by a licensed and qualified contractor and the work inspected by a state licensed and insured SE.

The codie pulled me aside and said, “Come on’ man. Why you rocking the boat? How much to you want? My brother built this place and is in hock up to his eyeballs. Why do you want to take food out of his kid’s mouths? Get with the program, you seem to be a smart guy.”

I turned around and asked him to repeat his comments to my clients. He told me to F off and told me that I would “hear from the City”.

Nuff said.





Is that porch stain all over the hangers and conduit?
I do not see that it was stained recently from the deck surface picture.


Will, I think Bob is referring to the gray goop dripping down on the ledger.
The stain on the joist hangers are obvious.
That might have been a water soluble caulking used on top of the ledger that got wet or something.

Fighting City Hall is not easy, is it?:slight_smile:

Could be, Marcel. The third picture was on the deck, directly above the joists picture. Vinyl siding with J bar around the ledgers.

I don’t believe I was fighting City Hall (They just throw dead bodies in the Chicago river, as happened this morning with the President of the Board of Education. He was involved in some land deals for the land that was supposed to have the Olympic Village on it ;-)).

I believe that I was arguing with a guy who was posing as a codie or may have been a codie but was just trying to help out his brother to discredit my inspection.

In any case, the buyers were going to replace that porch with a metal one, in any case.

But, it do show ya how this city works, don’t it.

Yep, and unfortunately, they are not Lone Rangers. :slight_smile:


Let’s keep the votes up guys.:slight_smile:

This sign needs no explanation… A Bed and breakfast… Gotta love em…:smiley:

Pat, I could of used that sign yesterday. Installed a set of faucets for the Commander and when I got to test it out, I inadvertently reversed the fixture, so the handles were backwards.
Had to start all over again. I don’t think my wife would have gone along with the sign. :mrgreen::):wink:

Alright guys, 6 photos away for Album #6 completion.

Any other volunteers?:):smiley:

4 days left, so let’s see some more voting. :slight_smile: